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Innovative Tools is an Australian owned and operated home based small business established in 2000. Since then we have been providing Technical Drafting Services to individual inventors, patent attorneys, small and medium enterprises and many intellectual property firms in areas like concept development, engineering drawings, 3d modelling and presentation. We conduct our business by providing our work requirements on a freelancing basis keeping the overheads low and the prices competitive.

We are proud of our standard of service and strive to provide highest quality work to our clients located all over Australia. We have provided hundreds of patent drafting services and have had nil complains and zero rejections from the Patent Examiner. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and we pride ourselves in delivering prompt service, superior quality and professionalism at a low cost.

We have a proven record of delivering high quality formal drawings that have been submitted successfully to IP Australia and foreign patent offices. We work with different kinds of data like rough sketches, informal drawings, prototypes, photographs, CAD files, engineering drawings and others. All our drawings are drawn on computer with a great accuracy level.

Our Promise

We produce innovative designs, patent drawings, engineering drawings and photorealistic images of your inventions to exceed your quality standards. We also keep in mind the deadlines while working. We promise to provide excellent quality work within the specified deadline at a very reasonable price.