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Plato said … “Necessity is the mother of invention”

Another man said … “Laziness is the mother of invention”

Two different points of view and two different opinions.

One of our very important missions is to provide Inventors Help in Australia.

When an inventive mind comes across a problem – it instinctively and instantly begins to think of a way to resolve it. After some time and deliberation that “EUREKA” moment occurs, and a concept is born.

An inventor may at times become emotionally attached to a particular concept and solely concentrate on refining, polishing and honing the design, unfortunately at times this may result in either a fatal or costly outcome, for alternate solutions were not pursued nor considered either to enhance the product or correct any flaws.

A typical inventor may also be overwhelmed by the brilliance or ingenuity of an invention.

Yet many typical consumers are too often disappointed by the resulting product in terms of price, size, look, weight, shape, colour and lack of functionality just to mention a few.
Two different points of view and two different opinions.
It is therefore important that prior to refining any design to imagine the invention through the eyes of the consumer, and ask some essential questions:

Is there a benefit to the consumer

Is there market demand

Is there a competitive product

Is there a profit margin

Is there an alternate design

What is the target price

What are the manufacturing costs

What are the live expectations of the market

Innovative Tools can help, we look at:

cost effective manufacturing methods

use of alternate materials

aesthetic aspects


alternate designs

intellectual property value

Innovative Tools can provide Photorealistic Imaging of an invention together with 3D rendered models to include realistic surroundings together with environmental aspects before committing to a prototype. We can also produce Animation to show how the product will perform.

By having a Photorealistic Image a product may be assed by the company directors, trusted partners or financial backers. It can also be compared with similar products that may already exist on the market. Most importantly changes can be implemented prior to the production of a prototype and final production without incurring unnecessary expense.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular requirements.

Mechanical Design and Technical Drawing ..

Final Shape

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