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INNOVATIVE TOOLS - Confidentiality

Confidentiality and security are very important aspects of our business.

We guarantee that no information regarding the invention or project provided by the client will be disclosed to a third party without prior consent of the client.

We also guarantee that documents with confidential client information will not be reproduced.

All information and data provided by the client will remain the property of the client.

All documents, sketches, diagrams, drawings provided by the client will be returned to the client at any time that client requests.

We are happy to sign “Non Disclosure Agreement” provided by us or by the client.

For security reason

Our computers are well protected with firewalls and updated antivirus software.

All documents provided by the client are securely protected.

No unauthorized persons are allowed to enter the INNOVATIVE TOOLS’ premises.

All employees of INNOVATIVE TOOLS sign the “Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement”.