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Mechanical Design and - Technical Drawing Services

Innovative Tools

Many people from different walks of life have creative minds and from time to time come up with brilliant innovative ideas.

Unfortunately, because of a lack of technical knowledge, these people are unable to transform this idea into a workable design and sadly many of these great ideas are dropped or forgotten. Here comes the role of inventive design services of Innovative Tools.

We can provide:


Reliability assessment

Refinement of a design

Drawings for Provisional Patent Application

Drawings for full Patent Application

Drawings for Registered Design Application

Photorealistic image of the invention before you make a costly prototype

Merge a computer image of the invention with a digital picture.

Engineering Drawings for a prototype manufacturer

Put you in contact with a Patent Attorney and Marketing Specialist

” Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement ”

So, if you have an innovative idea, come to us with your concept and we will provide you with our mechanical drafting service and give the product a final design.

Successful inventions in which we have participated can be seen on:



There are more examples in our “Gallery” section.

To get started send us an email with your details and postal address where we can mail “Non Disclosure Agreement”.


Patent Drawings from $20 per sheet.

                GST EXEMPT.

INNOVATIVE TOOLS can provide a full range of patent drawings, including design drawings, flowcharts, graphs, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, chemical structures, and schematic diagrams.

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