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Every patent application is accompanied by patent drawings, block diagrams or flow charts.

Innovative Tools is known around Australia for its high quality patent drawing services. Our professionals use artistic skills and engineering knowledge to create accurate patent drawings quickly. We have a proven record of constantly delivering high quality formal drawings which have been successfully submitted to the IP Australia office and foreign patent offices.

We work with various types of data such as: informal drawings, rough sketches, photographs, prototypes, engineering drawings, CAD files, etc.

We make the best use of our CAD drafting services while creating patent drawings for our clients. Usually we make a 3D solid model and then generate 2D orthogonal and the perspective views, the sections and the enlargements. This way we are certain that all views correspond to each other. This is especially important in the case of design drawings where usually six or eight views are required, and when a reduced scale is needed, we can scale down or up all views by the same factor.

Shading is hand drawn or where suitable an appropriate pattern is computer generated.

All documents and other materials can be forwarded to us by e-mail, mail, fax or courier preferably with a patent specification attached.

To ensure the consistency between drawings and specification it is preferable to have a copy of the patent specification when commencing a project. However, if time is a critical factor; we can deliver drawings in a PDF format without lead lines and reference numbers on the assumption that specification will be completed by the patent attorney who will add the missing details and will print the drawings in house or lodge the drawings electronically.We usually work directly with inventors and attorneys while providing our patent drawing services.

Normally, three or five sets of drawings on fine quality 100 g/s m matt paper are printed and delivered by courier or mail, in a rigid plastic file cases, together with an Invoice.

For quotation purposes, we do not require the patent specification.

For quotation purposes, we do not require the patent specification.

Examples of our Patent & Design Drawings can be seen in the “Gallery” section.

Please feel free to contact us, we will gladly provide an estimate of the cost and time required to complete your project.

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