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Patent Drawings from $20 per sheet.


INNOVATIVE TOOLS can provide a full range of patent drawings, including design drawings, flowcharts, graphs, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, chemical structures, and schematic diagrams.

Patent Drawings

The cost of preparing these drawings depends on their nature and complexity. The price is contingent upon the complexity of the invention itself, the number of sheets required to fully depict all aspects of the invention and the time required to complete the task. Consequently, there is a difference in cost between a simple block diagram and a complex perspective view or sectional view.

Our prices range from $20 to $160 for an average sheet, again, depending upon complexity.

In the case of Design Drawings, prices will be slightly higher as shading or patterns have to be manually drawn, especially those for the US PTO.

All prices are GST exempt.

Prior to commencement of an assignment, the client will receive a Quotation. Once the Quotation is accepted by the client, work will commence.

Additional Prices

Prices for all other work such as Engineering Drawings, 3D Modelling and photorealistic rendered images, will be quoted after the initial consultation.

The initial consultation is FREE of charge.

Mechanical Design and Technical Drawing ..

Final Shape

Many people from different walks of live have creative minds and from time to time have a brilliant innovative idea. Unfortunately, because of a lack of technical knowledge, these people are unable to transform this idea ...

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