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Innovative Tools - Solid Modelling Services in Australia

Innovative Tools can create photorealistic images of your invention or product to see how they will look before you spend a lot of money on prototype manufacture. Our skilled draftsmen have several years of experience and expertise in solid modelling services using Autodesk Inventor , ensuring accuracy and quality.

Once we are done with the computer generated images several views of the model will be sent to you as JPEG files which will allow you to examine the fine details, colours, etc. This technique is generally used to show the invention in operation or how it will look at the existing surroundings. At this stage any suggested changes can be implemented before been printed on high quality photo paper with the title of the invention and your name. All files are available on CD in an editable format, allowing you to make further changes. You can use these photo-realistic images to promote your invention, negotiate with your manufacturers and for marketing research.

We are experts in offering 3D modelling services in Australia. Our customers include both small and large manufacturing and engineering firms from different industries like military, aircraft, automotive, ground support, medical packaging, industrial manufacturing and product design.

Examples of our Engineering Drawings can be seen in the “Gallery “ section.

Mechanical Design and Technical Drawing ..

Final Shape

Many people from different walks of live have creative minds and from time to time have a brilliant innovative idea. Unfortunately, because of a lack of technical knowledge, these people are unable to transform this idea ...

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Patent Drawings from $20 per sheet.

                GST EXEMPT.

INNOVATIVE TOOLS can provide a full range of patent drawings, including design drawings, flowcharts, graphs, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, chemical structures, and schematic diagrams.

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