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Innovative Tools is instrumental in offering expert assistance to Individual Inventors, Patent Attorneys, medium and small businesses in areas like “Concept Development”, Product design, Patent Drawings, Design Drawings, 3 D solid modelling, presentation and engineering drawingsThe unique structure of our business allows us to undertake all tasks, big or small, in the areas of our service.

Do you sometimes come up with a new idea but due to lack of technical knowledge you are unable to transform the idea into workable design?

This is where we can help. We have experience in design for mass production as well as in exclusive product design of artistic value.

Innovative Tools can prepare Engineering Drawings of your invention for the purpose of prototype manufacture. We can also create photo-realistic images of your product to see how it will look before you spend a lot of money on prototype production.

We are in this business since year 2000 and have been serving clients all over Australia. We are recognized in the industry for our accuracy, professionalism, efficient service, low cost, superior quality and attention to details. We have a number of satisfied clients all over Australia.

We are very experienced in providing Patent Attorneys assistance. Since 2000, we have completed hundreds of drawings and have had no complaints from inventors and no rejections from Patent Examiner.

Tell us your needs and queries, and we will be more than happy to resolve any issues and answer any questions that you may have regarding your invention, patent drawings, engineering drawings, concept development or other matters.

Call us at (02) 4731 8298 or email us at itools@iinet.net.au to find help and assistance.

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Mechanical Design

Many people from different walks of live have creative minds and from time to time have a brilliant innovative idea. Unfortunately, because of a lack of technical knowledge, these people are unable to transform this idea …

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Patent Drawings from $20 per sheet.

                GST EXEMPT.

INNOVATIVE TOOLS can provide a full range of patent drawings, including design drawings, flowcharts, graphs, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, chemical structures, and schematic diagrams.

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